12 Refillable Beauty Products That’ll Help You Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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As a beauty editor who gets handfuls of packages and products sent to my home almost every day, I’m always thinking about the kinds of items I receive and the amount of waste they produce. The truth is that living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing (especially not in the beauty industry), but in the last year, there have been a ton of brands that have made an effort to produce high-quality products that come in recyclable packaging or refillable materials that help consumers produce less waste.

Sustainable beauty is a much-needed, growing movement with companies like Fenty Skin and Tata Harper adding to the fold with products that are easy to recycle and free of single-use plastic. While there’s much more that needs to be done in this regard, we’d like to think of the products ahead are a good place to start. Read ahead to check out some of our favorite refillable beauty products that you can feel good about using (and reusing).


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