12 TikTok Bath and Shower Hacks to Transform Your Self-Care Routine

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Putting time and energy into running a bath or pampering yourself during a shower can be one of the most relaxing forms of self-care. Your bathroom can serve as a meditative escape from a long day filled with meetings and Zoom calls.

Beauty trends are constantly changing, and bath time is no exception. Although it’s more known for its memes and funny clips, TikTok has become one of the best places to find what’s new in baths and showers. “BathTok,” as it’s referred to on the app, shows off the best hacks you can use to take a seriously restorative soak.

Ahead, we rounded up 12 BathToks, as well as all of the products, tips, and tricks you need to turn your bathroom into an oasis. If your self-care routine needs a boost, try a few of these easy upgrades. After all, there’s no such thing as too many bubbles.


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