16 Best New Winter Hair Products, From Hydrating Masks to Frizz-Fighting Oils

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The temperature outside may have only just started to drop, but the new winter hair-care launches of 2020 are well underway. With the holidays on the horizon, it’s easy to miss new products in the mix of limited-edition gift sets, but there are plenty of options that have already hit store shelves and are worth checking out.

From deep-conditioning masks formulated to help repair even the driest of hair to frizz-fighting shampoos that aim to smooth and fight static, there’s a new product out there for all of your winter hair woes. Whether you’re heading to the drugstore or making a routine stop at Sephora, you’re bound to find something exciting in the just-in section.

Ahead, find 2020’s best new winter hair products and accessories so far from your favorite brands.


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