19 Haircut Buzzwords You Need to Know Before Seeing Your Stylist

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Invisible layers. Clavicut. Dusting. Lob. The sheer number of haircut terms being thrown around these days could warrant its own addendum tab on Urban Dictionary. The only difference: these are real, commonly used buzzwords that can actually be quite helpful in explaining what you want to your hairstylist . . . so long as you’re in the know.

That’s why we’re getting back to the basics. Trends come and go, but the long and layered look is forever. (Or was that the short and textured? Ugh.) To make the entire journey easier on everyone, we’ve asked the industry’s biggest pros for an extensive dictionary to all the classic haircut terms, including some of those insider techniques that can level-up your look, so you can get exactly the style you’re after at the salon.

From the many different variations of the bob to a comprehensive bang breakdown, study up on our A-Z guide of haircut buzzwords to bring to your next appointment — and step out happy with the results, every time. Because bad hair days? You don’t have to know her.


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