26 Must-Have Sephora Products I Swear By

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November 11, 2019

Must-Have Sephora Products

Happy Monday!

Today is the last day to save on Sephora’s Beauty Insider Event! It’s been a hot minute since we did a beauty roundup on the blog. So I wanted to get all my Sephora favorites together in one place so you can take advantage of these savings!

Important note–Better than Black Friday:

They do NOT do sitewide discounts for Black Friday. This the deepest discount they’ll have on all products, all year–so don’t wait!

Whether you want to stock up on some new products for winter OR you’re getting ahead on your holiday shopping, hopefully this guide is helpful! It includes 20+ of my top favorite products at Sephora. (Many are clean, others are clean-ish, and some are definitely not clean, but too good to give up. ?) Also in this roundup, I also include some of the *very hyped* products I’ve been influenced into purchasing recently (the Laneige lip mask, Banana eye cream, and more!) and whether they live up to the hype! (Spoiler alert: They do.)

It is no secret that I LOVE Sephora (Sephora and Beautycounter are where I purchase 99% of my beauty products!) They have awesome perks, and they accept any returns if you aren’t 110% satisfied with your products–this is huge, because beauty products can be daunting to purchase online––so it takes the risk out of not knowing what color you should buy, whether something will work with your skin, etc.

How the Holiday Insider Bonus Event works:

For 10% off:

If you sign up for their email list (i.e. you’re an “insider”), you get 10% off your purchase with code HOLIDAYSAVE. There are really big perks to being part of their email list and loyalty programs which you can check out here if you’re interested! Sephora is my go-to for all my beauty products (tied with Nordstrom, usually it’s whichever is more convenient to shop at for me!).

For 15% off:

If you’re a VIB member (AKA you spend $350+ at Sephora within a year) then you get 15% off with code HOLIDAYSAVE!

For 20% off:

If you’re a ROUGE member (If you spend $1000+ in 1 year at Sephora) you get 20% with code HOLIDAYSAVE!

My Favorite Sephora Products:


Kopari Natural Deodorant:

I have searched high and low for a clean deodorant and Kopari’s is far and away the best. It’s the only one I’ve found that actually works! (Note: It’s not an antiperspirant, so you’ll still sweat, but it is a very effective deodorant!)

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask:

It took me so long to take the plunge and try this lip mask I’ve been seeing everywhere, and seriously, it’s every bit as wonderful as you read about on the internet. If your lips suffer from dryness (especially during the winter) I can’t recommend this enough! Contrary to what the name says, this isn’t just a “sleeping mask”––you can wear it any time of the day!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Cream:

If you struggle with redness /uneven skin tone and can’t find a concealer that covers it well, It Cosmetics Bye Bye redness is a true miracle worker! I actually found out about it through my GG Reader Beauty Favorites roundup! It’s the best color-correcting product I’ve ever used and it makes your skin look so smooth! You can use it alone (kind of like a foundation) as a base, or as a spot concealer. It’s a one size fits all product!

Not totally clean, but It Cosmetics is made without Parabens and Phthalates, so it’s much better than many others!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Essence

If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and lighten dark spots, I love this toner from Caudalie! I use a cotton ball to sweep it on morning and night! Caudalie is one of my favorite brands–they’re clean, high quality, and I’ve never used a product of theirs I didn’t like!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum:

This serum is also awesome to use in tandem with the above toner for brightening! It really helps to even skin tone, hydrate, and make your skin glow! Paired together they really help with dark spots.

Farmacy Green Screen Sunscreen:

One of my all-time favorite sunscreens! I LOVE Farmacy–they’re a clean brand that has their own organic farm in New York where they grow all the ingredients they use in their products! So cool! They make my favorite all-purpose (for all skin types) mineral-based face sunscreen. It comes out white but blends in really easily!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

One of my favorite dry shampoos! I think it’s one of the best “all purpose” dry shampoos–it cleans your hair, makes it smell great AND adds awesome volume and texture!


I’ve used Moroccanoil for YEARS. It’s the best all-purpose hair oil, great for prepping before blow-dry’s, for air-drying, adding moisture, shine, gloss, and repairing damaged hair. Plus, it smells unreal.

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Leave-In Cream

Another longtime hair favorite, I put this in towel-dried hair and let it air dry. It’s an amazing leave-in treatment (and smells INCREDIBLE too!)

SHHHower Cap!

I’m obsessed with this shower cap! I try to go three days in-between washes if I can, and this shower cap is a big game-changer. Plus, it’s actually cute! Tip: Spray on dry shampoo before pulling this on. When you get out of the shower, your hair will be refreshed with no washing necessary!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Moisturizing Sorbet:

A great moisturizer for all skin types! it’s super hydrating while being very light at the same time.

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara

I’ve tried SO many mascaras over the years and nothing has topped this one. It has to be the one in the silver tube though, I don’t like the black tube as much! It’s super buildable so you can use one coat for daytime or extra coats for going out at night! It makes your lashes huge but not in the over dramatic fake way––they still look natural!

Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream

Another hyped up product I’ve been seeing everywhere! Grace and Hitha rave about it, then Shaheen tried it and loved it–so I had to buy it for the sake of investigative reporting! I’m happy to report––it’s really great! It’s designed to work with your concealer for under eye brightening, color correction, and to prevent creasing!

RMS Beauty “Wild with Desire” Lipstick

I love this orangey-red! The formula is matte, so it stays put, but it’s silky and it isn’t overly drying. Plus, it’s 100% clean–I love this brand!

Urban Decay Up All Night Setting Spray

I use this whenever I need my makeup to last all night (I also carried it around in my purse on my wedding!) It works really well and is a staple of lot’s of makeup artists I’ve worked with too, so you KNOW it’s the real deal! I’ve tried to find a clean alternative, but nothing compares!!

Bareminerals Complexion Rescue

I have loved Bareminerals for YEARS. They aren’t a *clean* brand but they pass my 80/20 rule––they get a *good* not *excellent* rating–which I think is totally fine for foundation because it doesn’t *sink* into your skin, you know? I always recommend this product for those with dry skin and/or those who want a little bit of coverage without *feeling* like you’re wearing makeup! It also has SPF which is great for a 2 in 1 product!

If you want a full coverage hydrating foundation, I highly recommend this one! It has replaced my use of the Complexion Rescue because it’s the same thing, just more coverage–so I’d go with this product if you need coverage vs the CR! If you don’t need a lot of coverage, go with Complexion Rescue. (Wanted to include both options in here because everyone is different in their makeup needs!) This foundation is not caky at all, it’s really buildable, and it stays on very well!

Armani Lip Maestro in #500

I love this product! It’s like a gloss/lipstick all in one. It’s really hard to explain but it feels AMAZING on and #500 is the prettiest peachy nude hue! I actually can’t find this right now (probably lost in some purse somewhere) and I’m contemplating just buying another one because I love it so much! (But I should probably look a little harder first. ?)

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

This is probably one of the first masks I ever bought and it continues to be one of my favorites. It’s great for fighting breakouts and whenever your skin needs a detox! (I love Beautycounter’s charcoal mask too–I think it just comes down to which brand you prefer and which one is on sale! ?)

Peter Thomas Roth FirmRX Peel

This is a GODSEND when your skin is dry and flaky and you can’t put foundation on without it flaking off. (So embarassing). It’s seriously amazing and I don’t know what I would do without it. I buy it in two bottles at a time so I never run out. It’s a gentle peel that exfoliates but also leaves your skin looking firm and fresh. Not a *clean* brand, but again, passes the 80/20 rule in my book, and since you wash it off quickly, it doesn’t concern me too much!

NARS “The Multiple” Stick

One of my first “splurge” worthy beauty products I ever purchased in my early twenties–it’s a cult classic for a reason–it is GOOD. Get it in a blush color to add the perfect flush, or go with the non-colored shimmer (that’s what I have, called “Copacabana”) for the perfect natural, dewy-looking highlighter. Blend with your fingers or a beauty blender. I love that it’s a stick, so it’s great for travel. (Tip: If you want a clean swap, I love Beautycounter’s dupe!)

Too Faced Hangover RX 2-in-1 Priming and Setting Spray:

This spray is a GODSEND for dry skin! I’ve been seeing bloggers and Youtuber’s rave about it (and my skin always gets so dry in the winter) so I bought it to try out and love love it! If you suffer from dry skin, I highly recommend this. It’s great for priming, setting, and refreshing makeup!

Supergoop Matte Screen sunscreen:

Another favorite sunscreen–I highly recommend this if you have oily skin! It doubles as a primer because it mattifies everything and I like that it’s subtly tinted, so you don’t get a white residue like you do with some mineral sunscreens!

Sephora Sheet Mask Gift Pack: $25!

I love buying Sephora’s sheet masks for little gifts to friends and overnight guests. This one comes with a ton and is a great gift as a full set, or would be awesome to split up to give to girlfriends, coworkers, etc as part of a bigger gift, or just as a little something extra in addition to a holiday card!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask:

Okay so I actually haven’t tried this yet BUT–this is in my cart right now! Another hyped up mask that I’m going to try and report back on to see if it REALLY lives up to the hype. (I’ve heard mixed things so I’m interested to see if I like it!) I never see it on sale, so if you’ve been dying to try it too, I’d recommend snagging it now!

Sephora Clean Essentials Kit:

Sephora recently came out with their own brand of clean skincare that is SUPER affordable! This kit in particular has three of their hero products for only $20! I haven’t tried these myself, but this set has great reviews and if you’re on a budget but have been wanting to transition to cleaner products, this is an awesome value!

Kopari Lip Glossy:

Another big favorite in the lip balm/gloss category–this is the best of both worlds! It looks like a gloss, but hydrates like a balm, and has a little hint of coconut!

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