4 Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Look This Fall

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A style reboot is necessary every once in a while, especially as seasons change. Most style changes we make directly coincide with the season change- lighter clothing in the summer, more raingear in the spring, and heavy coats in the winter. Under normal circumstances, these little changes are all we make and that’s no fun. It’s possible to make small aesthetic changes that will add up to create a reinvented you!

Stay true to yourself

It is always important to stay true to yourself, so remember that you can totally push the boundaries while staying true to yourself.

Update your accessories

According to Vogue, Fall 2017’s accessory trend has an arty eclecticism mood to it. Think bedazzled, quirky, and spiritual. Add a furry hat, artfully shaped earrings, glitzy shoes, talismanic necklaces and structured handbags to your wardrobe.

Follow this season’s makeup trends

The days of no makeup makeup looks are over. The fall season is all about bold metallic eyes, artsy black eyeliner, berry lips and pops of bright color.

Change your hairstyle….and hair color

Give those ends a trim and if your hair has lots of damage, just cut it off. There’s nothing like a hairstyle change to wow your friends and boost your self-esteem. While you’re at it, give your hair an upgraded color in the comfort of your own home with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime features luminous color, defies fading for up to 9 weeks, true to box color results, and long-lasting shine and color freshness. The application is very simple, there is no harmful or foul odor, and the results are amazing. I decided to color my hair and go from a brassy blonde to something more fall appropriate. I picked Chocolate Copper because it reminds me of fall leaves. It’s metallic, it’s brown and it screams autumn. Check out the before and after photos:

Application steps:

  1. Remove all your goodies from the box and read the instructions.
  2. Patch test before using to ensure you don’t have an allergy
  3. Section hair into 4 parts
  4. Put on gloves and mix the color and developer and shake well.
  5. Apply color and wait per the instructions
  6. Rinse, condition and style.

It’s been two weeks and my hair is still as vibrant and soft as the day I colored it. Guess what? you can try and Schwarzkopf Hair Care or Hair color product for free thanks to the Try Me Free program, from their Schwarzkopf® Gliss™, Color ULTIME® or Keratin Color lines! Learn more by visiting the Social Hub.

Find Schwarzkopf Color Ultime in the hair color section of your local Walmart for $9.97 a box. Earn up to $5 on Ibotta when you purchase any shade of Schwarzkopf Color Ultime.


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