6 Fall Beauty Products to Pick Up the Next Time You’re At Trader Joe’s

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I know I’m not alone in saying that Trader Joe’s actually makes me excited about food shopping. No other grocery store elicits that same response. (I mean, I follow them on Instagram. . . that’s a whole new level of enthusiasm.) I don’t know if it’s the low prices, the original options available, or the wide selection of seasonal items (like all of the fall products available right now), but I view a trip to Trader Joe’s as a great way to spend a Saturday.

Now that we’re officially in the cozy season, you can find a ton of new delicious-looking food and drink products at Trader Joe’s, like pumpkin empanadas and spiced apple cider, but the seasonal products don’t stop there. Hiding in the beauty section is a variety of fall products to discover.

From warm vanilla-scented body butters to pumpkin sheet masks and lots of candles, fall-lovers will have no trouble finding new products to try. Ahead, we rounded up a few crowd-favorites to look for during your next trip to the store.


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