A 10-Minute Glittery Neutral Makeup Look With the MAC Frosted Firework Holiday Collection, Swatches on NC42 Skin, AND HORSES!

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My new motto for the next few weeks, months and possibly years is to “wear glitter, and wear it everywhere, because you never know when the world will unexpectedly grind to a halt because of a pandemic.”

(Hmm, that probably won’t translate well onto a bumper sticker…)

One of the coolest things about the new MAC Frosted Firework holiday collection IMO is the oh-so-sparkly Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadows ($21).

I’m wearing a few things from the LE launch in this — peachy nude glimmer Sparktacular, along with a highlighter used as a crease color, a dual-ended pencil liner, and a lipstick and lipgloss.

I think you’ll like it if you’re into the shiny stuff. Sparktacular and the other Foils have a soft powder base that feels almost like a cream, and they’re packed with small- and medium-sized pieces of glitter. I think the easiest and best way to apply them is to load a clean finger, then pat or gently swipe it across your lids (this minimizes the fallout, and the pressure from your figure intensifies the glossiness). The result is the wet, shiny, glossy effect I have here on my eyes.

Some might say it’s a tad too dramatic for dropping off and picking up a four-year-old from preschool, but heck, it’s 2020. If we can wear pajamas everywhere, we can do whatever we want with glitter.

Crazy for horses

Ever since Connor rode a horse for the first time last month, we’ve all been a little horse crazy ’round here.

Over the holiday break, we went hiking at the Indian Valley Preserve, one of our favorite spots in town, in the hopes that we’d spot a horse on a trail, and we did!

Say hi to Jiminy…

We also said hello to a few of the horses who live at the stable down the street.

The gold horse was a little obsessed with CoyCoy and kept staring at her like he knew her! My guess is that he knows a special little girl, and Connor reminded him of her.

In other news…do you have Disney Plus? If you do, there’s a new movie out called Black Beauty (a remake of the O.G. film). I never saw the original, and I really didn’t know anything going into it other than the fact that there was a horse in it, so I fired it up last weekend thinking that it would be a lighthearted Disney movie about a kid and her horse…

DUDE, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

It was seriously one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. El Hub and I bawled like babies through the entire thing.

El Hub and have been randomly recalling sad moments from it and mentioning them at odd times. “Poor Ginger!” or “That mean farmer!” or “TERRY!” I’m still getting teary.

Connor was the only one who made it though the movie without having a minor emotional breakdown! LOL.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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