A Face Full of MAC Classics

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mac classics
Sometimes you gotta go with the classics. 👍

As a makeup hoarding enthusiast, I’ll be the first to admit that the thrill of the hunt — the quest itself — to find new makeup to fall in love with, is one of the motivating factors for why I like makeup and beauty so much.

There’s always something new to discover, right? A new technique to master? A new finish, new formula, a new plant-based ingredient discovered deep in the jungle, a brand new brand, a classic brand re-brand, a secret formula, an ancient skin care secret, a new GWP, BOGO, or a gorgeous LE palette?

At the same time, there are days when I just want to take it back to beauty “comfort food” — the old standards I know so well, and that I know work for me, and for me, that’s always MAC. I’ll always be a MAC girl at heart. 💕

In this look, I’m wearing some classic MAC colors I’ve loved for more than this entire decade. It seems weird to say that, but I did the math; it’s true!

There’s a hint of color in the liner, but everything else on the lids, cheeks and lips is neutral.

I like this look because I can wear it anywhere and everywhere. The lids are softly defined with cooler-toned browns in the crease and a sparkling peach from lash line to crease (to create the illusion of more deeply set eyes, since mine are getting more hooded by the second!).

There’s also lash definition by way of the liner, which is *not* a stark, inky black, or even a brown. Instead, I’m wearing an eyeshadow called MAC Club, which is a beautiful shimmery peacock feather that goes from teal to green to gray to dark brown. It’s GORGEOUS.

So, yeah, I’m wearing that along my upper lash line.

mac classics

On the lower lash line, I’m wearing a pencil liner that I also consider a MAC staple, MAC Powersurge. It’s a warm, shimmery bronzed gold, and it adds a little something-something, but it doesn’t get all up in your face. It’s one of my favorites! I think it’s even subtler and less intense than a brown liner. I wore it every day for almost a year.

On my cheeks, I’m wearing the first MAC blush I ever fell in love with, MAC Blushbaby… It’s a matte pinkish beige.

And, on my lips, I’m wearing an updated take on an early-2000s lip. Yup, you know that light, glossy nude lip everyone was wearing back in the day (along with their low-rise jeans and camisole top, of course)? I got there with MAC Stripdown lip liner, MAC Honey Love Lipstick, and good ol’ Angel Lipglass.

Oh! — I just realized that I forgot to add a swatch of MAC Teddy liner, which I tightlined with.

I wish I could take credit for this combination of eyeshadows, but I can’t. It’s from the most unlikely palette from years and years ago, from, like, Halloween! I never thought I’d fall in love with it, but I use it almost daily. Remember the Monster’s Bride palette? I don’t use the green color (ever), but everything else is a workhorse, so if you’re building a MAC palette, I can recommend all of these colors 100%.

The lightest color — satiny beige Mylar — you can use as an all-over eyeshadow base to brighten your eye makeup, or, you can even use it as an eye or a cheek highlighter. (Side note: I just looked this up on the MAC website, and it’s MIA; sad panda. 🙁 But you can sub it with Shroom.)

The lighter cool-toned matte brown is Omega, which I’m wearing in the crease. It’s great for pushing a hooded lid back *and* for filling out brows (I’m wearing it mixed with Brun in my brows in this look). It’s great if you want a really ashy brown brow, but you don’t want it to look too gray or too harsh.

If you have any gaps in your brow, it’s particularly great for filling in sparse spots.

MAC Brun, LOVE OF MY LIFE. Wearing it in my brows and outer crease.

Club is the liner, which I applied with an angled brush wet with MAC Fix+.

Carbon, I’m not really wearing in this look, but it’s your standard-issue black that you can wear with anything and everything.

mac classics

While we’re on the subject of MAC classics, please list the MAC classics you love down below. I’m curious!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. I saw this earlier today, and now I can’t stop laughing! It’s a trailer for the Christmas movie Elf (one of my favorites), recut and reimagined as a thriller… 🙂

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