A Weekend In Bristol

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Just over a week ago, Adam and I headed to Bristol to do a weekend of photoshoots for Autumn, and we stayed in a hotel. We picked the Mercure Holland House Bristol in Redcliffe and it was actually really nice! We managed to get a lot of work done, multiple outfits, which I can’t wait to share with you, so it was incredibly productive! I thought I would do a round up of our stay in Bristol though in this blog post so that you can see what we got up to, a preview of a couple of outfits, and some general scenery photography.

If you’re wondering about my outfit above, I might not be doing a blog post on it as I didn’t take enough photos as it was kind of spur of the moment, but I was wearing my new Commando Patent Burgundy Leggings (see here), with a Zara knitted jumper, my Brixton hat, my Topshop Snake Boots and an ASOS Snake Bag to match. It’s not something I would usually wear, but I loved how it looked when I put it together! What do you think of this outfit above? You can also see an outfit I wore on the first day when we got there, the knitted maxi skirt, as I shared it last week!

We had a suite, which you can see in the photos, and it had a lounge area, a huge bed, a beautiful bathroom, and was actually really quiet with a beautiful view of the church and looking out over Bristol. We spent most of our time in the hotel in the evenings, and didn’t really venture out when it was dark, but the amount of space we had was incredible! I of course took some obligatory elevator shots too, as well as bathroom mirror selfies! Who doesn’t do that when you’re in a hotel? The decor was a really pretty teal and orange combination as well, which I thought was nice!

We ate in the hotel each night, and I had chicken Caesar salad, with fries, which was actually delicious! One of the best salads I have ever eaten actually! Plus, the fries were soft and fluffy in the middle with a crispy outside, which is just how I like them. For breakfast, it was a buffet style and you could choose what you want, which I always prefer! But how good does the salad look?!

Now here are some of the beautiful views! We were staying on the river, just by Queen Square, and it was such an amazing location! The weather was mostly bright, despite being freezing, but it did rain a lot on the Saturday, so we had to dodge those showers. I think the red brick houses were gorgeous though and even the graffiti was incredibly skilled! Usually I don’t pay much attention to it, but whoever did some of the artwork is very talented. We walked around quite a lot, looking at all the different locations, and I really enjoyed it. Autumn is my favourite season for sightseeing!

And finally, here are a few arty shots that are more miscellaneous so they’re included here at the end! I had a great time there and want to thank Mercure Holland House Bristol for doing a partial gifting of a night in the hotel. It was perfect for getting our shoots done and the location was just stunning! Let me know if you enjoy more of these travel posts as well! Lorna xx.

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