Amazon Ice Roller Review + Benefits

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25 August


Amazon ice roller review and benefits

Have you ever tried a face roller? Whether it’s an ice roller, jade roller or even those cool gua shas? They seem to be everywhere now and although the jury is out if they really do help with wrinkles, I do think there are some great immediate benefits that are worth noting. I was influenced to buy the Amazon ice roller from my friend Grace at The Stripe. It’s now a favorite beauty tool in my house that I use much more than I ever thought I would.

Amazon Ice Roller Review

If you’re thinking of buying the Amazon ice roller for your face, I’m here to share all the ways I use it (and others!). Plus how to care for it. I think for $22, this is a great purchase and you’ll find yourself using it much more than you anticipate.


How To Use The Amazon Ice Roller

The Amazon ice roller is super easy to use. You can keep it in your freezer all the time so you can just grab and use it whenever. Or pop it in for 15-2o minutes before you need to use it. I like to store mine in there at all times so I can just pull it out when I need it. You may want to give it a couple minutes to take the harsh cold edge off. I just hold it in my hands for a few seconds. It may not be actualy doing anything, but it somehow feels better!

To use the ice roller, just gently roll it over your face and neck. There are so many great benefits to using it for different ailments. I personally use mine in the morning when I’m puffy and need to look presentable. This is especially true after a night of eating and drinking! It also feels amazing on your eyes when you’re hungover.

Once you’re done rolling your face and neck, just pop it back into the freezer for another time.

Ways to Use The Amazon Ice Roller + It’s Benefits

Migraines + Sinus Headaches

A lot of people who suffer from migraines tend to find it very soothing to apply cold compresses to their head to relieve pain. Keep this handy in your freezer to apply to your head the next time a blinding headache comes around. I personally get sinus headaches and infections rather often and this has helped big time!

Hot Flashes

If you suffer from hot flashes thanks to menopause (or medication, I got these often with an old birth control formula) get some cooling relief with a little roll on the neck and chest. Heavenly!

Depuff Your Face

Ever wake up after a night of eating salty foods and booze and you’re just a big puffy mess? The Amazon ice roller will help to depuff your face and eyes in no time. A few rolls while enjoying your morning cup of coffee will help to bring your face back to normal.

Pain Relief From Facials Or Waxing

If you’ve been doing more at-home beauty treatments like wax strips to remove hair, or peels for your face, use the Amazon ice roller for some cooling relief. IT can also assist in reducing any inflammation. I personally use this face mask and it’s potent, a few rolls of the ice roller over my face afterward gives an immense amount of relief and helps to reduce redness.

That Hangover Face Feeling

Anyone else get this miserable feeling in their face after a night of drinking? I’ve complained about this on my IG Stories before. But any amount of drinking causes me to have immense sinus pressure and my eyes just burn. This always makes me feel better after a night of drinking to improve my hangover. Plus, it helps to depuff from all that drinking too.

Sunburned Skin

If you ever get a bad sunburn, this feels AMAZING on it. Helps to relieve that burning feeling and inflammation.

How To Clean Your Amazon Ice Roller

After use, it is recommended to clean your Amazon ice roller. You can easily do this with gentle soap or your face wash to clean off any dirt or oil that can cause breakouts. Be sure to dry the ice roller before putting it back in the freezer./

Ice Roller Vs Jade Roller Vs Rose Quartz Roller

And since my rose quartz roller is featured in the above photo, I want to answer a few questions about which one is right for you. An ice roller will help with inflammation, redness, reduce puffiness and help to calm the skin. The coldness of the ice roller is what helps with these concerns. For me, the Amazon ice roller for the face is more of a solution to a specific issue at the moment like a headache, puffiness from a night of drinking and so on.

As far as a jade roller or rose quartz roller, rose quartz is a bit stronger of a stone and will last longer than a jade one. Plus, rose quartz will stay cooler longer (I also keep mine in the freezer) and it’s great for getting around the eyes’ more delicate skin. The jade and rose quartz rollers though are better for circulation, has wrinkle-reducing benefits, stimulate collagen production and more. These are good to use every day in a morning routine for best results.

Photo by Hannah Lozano


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