ARC Whitening Review + How I Got Whiter Teeth In Just 3 Days

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17 October


This post was written in collaboration with ARC. All opinions and views are my own.

My ARC Whitening Review - How I Got Whiter Teeth In Just 3 DaysJessica Camerata is featuring ARC WhiteningARC Whitening Strips and Blue LED lights review by My Style VitaJessica Camerata is featuring ARC WhiteningARC Whitening Strips and Blue LED lights review by My Style VitaMy Style Vita is sharing an ARC Whitening review

I recently shared on my Instagram Stories one of the things that I was self-conscious about. It’s my teeth! Growing up, I had braces much like everyone else did in the late 90s at 13 years old. It was a right of passage, right? The metal squares on all your teeth, choosing the colored rubber bands to go around them. Gosh, how I hated it all. But because I hated it, I wasn’t a very good brusher. And boy how I regret it. My teeth have lots of little white spots all over them from decalcification. It’s totally normal, harmless and happened to a lot of us who were careless.

But I hate it. It’s all I see in photos and when I look in the mirror. When I went on IG Stories to talk about it and share, most of you messaged me saying you never even noticed! Our flaws are just that. Ours. No one sees them like we do. But that doesn’t mean it’s not something I want to fix or change. My dentist has told me time and time again, all you can do is whiten the rest of the tooth. Those white spots will always be that white.

So how am I fixing my flaw?

With ARC, a professional level whitening system done at home. ARC is a brand new easy to follow daily regimen that anyone can incorporate into your routine. For me, I like using it either when I’m getting ready (shower, blow dry the hair, makeup and so on) or while sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite show.

ARC Whitening Review

ARC Whitening Strips and Blue LED lights are clinically proven to whiten your teeth. With whiter teeth, you can feel confident and more beautiful with your smile. Which to me is everything! Especially always being in front of the camera for the blog!

The thing I like best about this teeth whitening system is the easy to apply strips. The strips adhere securely to teeth so you can sit and relax or do house chores, while you’re teeth get whiter.

I also like that the ARC whitening kit has enamel-safe whitening ingredients. They also don’t really slide during wear either which is key to a better whitening experience at home. If you’re looking for a way to get pearly white teeth at home without spending a fortune at the dentist, this is a great way to do it. And yes, I totally saw results in just a few days!

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How To Use ARC Whitening

The ARC blue light teeth whitening kit is so easy and simple to use which is why I love this at-home teeth whitening product.

Step One

Apply the strips to your top and bottom teeth. Set your timer for 25 minutes and go do whatever it is you need to do. Or sit on your couch and catch up on your favorite show.

Step Two

At the end of the 25 minutes it’s time for the blue light! The Blue light targets tough stains and helps to weaken the yellow stains of your teeth. This then allows the peroxide in the strips to work even better. You’ll keep this on for 5 minutes for a total of 30 minutes of treatment. The blue light will beep and turn off once your 5 minutes is up so you won’t even have to think!

Tips For Best Results

Use on a consistent basis. The package comes with 14 applications and it’s recommended to use them every day for 14 days. You can definitely skip a day or two, especially if you’re prone to sensitive teeth. However, doing it long term every so often won’t be ideal. It’s best to keep the treatments as close together as possible.

Some people may experience a bit of teeth sensitivity. I personally have sensitive teeth and didn’t notice any real difference which is great. I always recommend using a teeth sensitivity toothpaste if you are more sensitive. Plus, you can always skip a day each time. It is definitely best to do it on consecutive days. Just don’t go weeks and weeks in between treatments. This teeth whitening system works best when done for 2 weeks straight to really target tough set-in stains and reveal pearly white teeth.

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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