Autumn Country Walks With Geox

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I wasn’t intending on sharing these photos here as it was an Instagram collaboration between myself and the wonderful GEOX brand, without a blog post being needed, however, I loved how these photos turned out so much that I had to share them! Isn’t the Autumn scenery stunning? These photos were shot about 3 weeks ago or so, and now we’re in Winter so there’s no orange left anywhere. Looking back at these though makes me feel really happy and relaxed as I just adore Autumn.

If you’re wondering where these photos were taken, they were shot up at Lansdown Crescent in Bath. There’s a little woodland walk close by and it’s incredible. There’s hardly anyone there every single time I have been, so I appreciate that it’s quiet too.

For my outfit, I had on a GEOX Padded Coat, which I have actually been wearing all the time since it’s freezing. I’m wearing it daily as my casual coat as it’s lightweight and breathable, but also warm. I also got it a little bigger for layering underneath. I styled it with an older Topshop Grey Sweater, my Beyond Yoga Leggings, and a pair of the GEOX Nebula Purple Trainers. How cool are they?! It’s a super comfortable and casual outfit, perfect for a casual day out. What do you think of it? Sorry I have been absent again as well, I got sick on Saturday and am only just getting back to normal. I hope you’re all well! Lorna xx.

*AD – I wasn’t paid for this blog post, as my collaboration with GEOX was for Instagram only, however I love the way the photos turned out so I’m sharing them here too!

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