Bargain Hunters, Get Ready: These Are the Beauty Drugstore Products of 2021 So Far

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When it comes to all the handy things we can buy for cheap at our nearest drugstore, we’ll never not praise its beauty aisles. Whether you’re perusing your local Target, CVS, or Walgreens, the beauty aisles of all of these stores are home to some pretty next-level products that can sometimes offer you the same results as those high-ticket items — only they’ll keep you from bursting into tears when analyzing your next credit card statement.

While we found ourselves pretty taken with all of the drugstore beauty buys that launched in 2020, a brief look ahead to 2021 proves that there’s way more where all of those products came from. The next year will be rife with affordable drugstore products that’ll fit all of your beauty needs from hair care to makeup to skin care.

To get a look at all the fun things heading to a drugstore near you in 2021, read ahead.


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