Brad and Jen’s Most Stylish Moments Prove They Should Have Another Reunion — For Fashion’s Sake

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, quite possibly the world’s most beloved celebrity couple, were together from 1998 through 2005, and every now and then, people seem to get nostalgic about their relationship. That’s because Brad and Jen still run in the same circles, bumping into one another from time to time, ultimately causing us to reminisce about some of their memorable moments.

In our eyes, those instances will always include their most stylish red carpet looks — we immediately picture Jen carrying a mini satin shoulder bag on one arm, holding Brad’s hand with the other — and their relaxed getaway style. Plus, to this day, we still haven’t come across a couple to coordinate any better in denim (sorry, Britney and Justin) and leather jackets.

Whether Jen was showing off a vintage gown at a movie premiere, with Brad shielding his eyes from the sun (aka Jen) in suave sunglasses, or the duo were walking down the streets of California, they always had on the coolest outfits — many of which we’d still wear today. Scroll down to look back on their wardrobes with us. Normally, we’d advise you to try to recreate these outfits with your SO, but come on guys, it’s Brad and Jen. Some things just can’t be done.


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