Code 8 Glaze Universal Lip Gloss in Spyglass

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[unpaid/sample] This is 100% a ‘me’ product – a super slick, cushiony, low colour gloss that makes lips look full and smooth. The USP on Spyglass is that it has a plumping element – something that never works on me and didn’t this time either, but I definitely felt some heat kick in and it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

Code 8 Glaze Universal Lip Gloss

The Spyglass shade is a peachy neutral that shows only slightly, although this will depend upon your natural lip colour, I think. A blend of peptides, castor seed oil and squalene are super softening. I was interested to see the claim of up to 60% increase of lip hydration and have to say that I felt it was helpful in that regard. Lip gloss sometimes can be drying despite its dewy appearance but that’s absolutely not the case here – my lips felt better for wearing it.

Code 8 Glaze

It’s rare that a gloss doubles as a lip conditioner but I really feel this is more treatment than make-up and I’m delighted with – worth the £25 spend for a superior product, especially if your lips are prone to dryness (like mine). Just because plumpers never work on me (or at least visibly) doesn’t mean they won’t work for you – this is a long way from the sting of Lip Venom and the brand seems confident in their clinical trials that suggest a 40% volume increase is possible. Ultimately, the juicy wash of pared back peach is flattering on anyone and the moisture-giving qualities live up to expectation. Tick! You can find Spyglass HERE.



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