Cue Janice’s “Oh My God!” — This New Friends Makeup Collection Is Everything

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Prepare to pivot your monthly budget, because there’s a new Friends-themed makeup collection in town, and you’ll want to splurge on every single item. Created by Revolution Beauty, the lineup includes products that pay homage to the timeless sitcom, complete with cute packaging worthy of Janice’s signature “Oh. My. GOD!” There are eye-shadow palettes and lipsticks inspired by each of the three leading ladies — Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Phoebe Buffay — plus a giant palette filled with a range of eye-shadow colors and dazzling highlighters.

We must admit: Revolution Beauty totally knocked it out of the park with the eye-shadow shade names, which reference various moments Friends fans will instantly recognize. There’s “On a Break,” a shiny champagne; “Geller Cup,” a sultry burgundy; and “Science Boy,” a sparkly silver. The products are now available to shop on both and Revolution Beauty’s website, but we’ve included ’em all ahead for your convenience. Who needs an actual person to be their lobster, right? This collection is officially our lobster for life.


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