Danessa Myricks Foil, Neon & Glazes

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[unpaid/samples] I’m about half way through my box of Danessa Myricks wonders – and have yet to find anything that’s not impressive. It’s very much a make-up artist conceived range – for artists and anyone interested in make up above and beyond off the shelf.

Danessa Myricks Foils, Neons and Glazes

These are all small tubes containing intensely pigmented finishes. You need the very tiniest amount to create some incredible finishes. Each is interchangeable with the other so if you wanted a neon glossy lip it’s a quick mix with a brush and you have it.

Danessa Myricks Foils, Neons and Glazes

The Foil certainly has the most impact, as you’ll see and comes in 8 shades.

Danessa Myricks Foils, Neons and Glazes

I haven’t shown the glaze, obviously, because it’s completely clear, but the intensity of the foil (in Cosmic) and the neon (in Bubblegum) is obvious. The foils are £18, the glazes (8 options) are the same as are the neons (six shades) all HERE.

Danessa Myricks Foils, Neons and Glazes

This is Cosmic, blended out – I mean, it’s beyond what I’ve seen before in terms of shimmer blasting. I think it’s exciting – it’s a while since a colour has made me gasp but this did because it’s just off the scale! Because you need such a tiny amount (this was from a grain of rice sized squeeze) it will last you nearly for ever. You can, of course, add it to gloss for shimmer lips as well as directly to the lid or anywhere else on the skin. I forgot to say that they’re all in the ‘Color Fix’ category which means they’re made to last on the skin and I certainly had to work harder than normal when removing the swatches.

I’m going to be a bit short on content this week – life admin has got in the way as well as our local post office at melt down point so samples are all delayed. So, apologies in advance for a lighter week, content wise.


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