Do You Fold Your Pizza?

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14 September


Being from New York, one thing my family knows is good New York pizza. It’s a thing you can usually only ever find done right in New York itself. It’s a giant slice of thin pizza, that is perfectly toasty on the bottom and melty on the top with cheese. Slices so big you have to fold them to eat them. It’s the only way to go.

Growing up all I ever remember is trying to find the best pizza wherever we lived. Although I was born in New York, I didn’t live there for very long. But my parents are born and raised there and they instilled the NY things into me like good pizza and a perfect bagel. So anytime we tried a pizza spot, it was always compared to New York pizza. And anytime we ate pizza, we folded it. A thing most people outside of this state don’t comprehend.

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why do people fold their pizza

Do you fold your pizza?

While I’ve lived in Atlanta the longest than anywhere else, I’ve been on the hunt for that perfect New York slice of pizza. And my go-to spot for it is actually down by my old college campus at Georgia State University. Broad Street is a restaurant lined street full of great eats. It was our favorite spot to grab lunch in-between classes. My personal favorite was Rosa’s Pizza. Ran by folks from Long Island, this is the closest thing to New York pizza in Atlanta. There’s nothing quite like a slice of pepperoni pizza with a soda. And you bet I fold my pizza. But only after the first bite. That first bite is the best. Then you fold. Period. That’s how it’s done!

Best pizza in Atlanta, Rosas Pizza

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