Don’t Mind Me, I’m Still Planning to Dress Up For the Holidays in These 21 Revolve Dresses

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There are no networking events these days that require me to wear a dress (cue all the loungewear pieces I have on rotation). No wine-showered collection launches or influencer dinners with free-flowing cocktails, but you know what? I still find myself doing it anyway. That’s because dressing up for me has never really been about the where but the why — to feel confident and comfortable in my skin.

If you find yourself having these “dressed up with nowhere to go” moments lately, or you actually have a few good reasons to wear all kinds of shine, consider restocking your closet with these festive dresses from Revolve. I’ve curated 21 playful and feminine options that will garner tons of compliments at your next outing (or Zoom meeting).

Here’s to dressing up for yourself!


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