End 2020 With Your Best Skin Yet With the Help of These New Winter Skin-Care Products

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We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you should be switching up your beauty products with the seasons to address various seasonal skin-care woes. In the summer, you might need lighter formulas that reduce oil and won’t feel heavy, but in the winter, those lightweight products just won’t cut it in keeping your skin protected from the harsh temperature outside.

Aside from that, the wintertime is also great for trying new chemical exfoliants and retinol products to address hyperpigmentation and sun damage because you won’t be in the sun as much. (But with that said, you most definitely still need sunscreen in spring, and summer, and fall.)

To help you finish out the year with your best skin yet (because at the very least, we want that to go right in 2020), we rounded up the best new winter skin-care products to revamp your routine, ahead.


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