Estée Lauder’s Disney Princess Collection Includes a Swarovski Crystal Genie Lamp

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Isn’t it neat? Estée Lauder has released two sparkling Disney princess collections, and the Little Mermaid herself would want to get her hands on every single item. The enchanting compact collection includes eight princess-themed powder compacts, each filled with a translucent shade, that tell the story of the Disney heroines they’re based on. Princess Tiana’s includes a bejeweled frog, for example, while Snow White’s features a glittering red apple, and Princess Belle’s show’s off a delicate gold rose. The best part? Each compact is engraved with a Disney-inspired quote on the inside of each mirror.

The Disney perfume collection also includes eight detailed bottles decorated with enamel and Swarovski crystal stones. From Aurora’s spindle to Flounder’s coral reef and Aladdin’s genie lamp, these perfume bottles come in several unique shapes, making them beautiful gifts for the Disney-lover in your life. If you’re curious, the bottles are also engraved with Disney quotes hidden in a secret compartment in each bottle.

Available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue, the compacts range in price from $150 to $175, while the ornate perfume bottles range from $250 to $300 each. While we admit the price is steep, the good news is that each item doubles as a collector’s item should you be an ardent Disney fan.

Take a sneak peek at some of the most gorgeous pieces in the collections — which launch on Oct. 5 — here, and keep reading to admire every compact and perfume bottle with the level of adoration that Princess Ariel bestows upon every fork she sees.


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