Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

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Fall Nail Polish to try

Just like I switch my iced coffee order to a hot coffee, I also have to change my nail polish choices. In the summertime, I’m all about a cherry red or orange red (essie Geranium was my summer go to this year). I’m also ALL about a good white manicure. But as soon as the weather starts to change, so does my nail polish color.

The moment the mornings turned a tad chilly here in Atlanta, I change my cherry red polish to black. It’s a favorite for fall and winter. But also love a good dark merlot or burgundy. And this winter I think I’m going to try out some hunter greens or deep jades. Similar to the color in My Style Vita branding, they’ll all make great nail polish shades. I also keep getting served an ad for a nail polish brand and the color is this amazing muted rusty red. I’m in love, but need to find it at a cheaper price point.

PS the nail polish featured above and below is essie called Mauve-itation.

mauve Fall Nail Polish

5 Fall Shades To Try

Deep Blues

It’s no secret I love a good navy. I used to wear a great blue years ago but it was a tad sparkly. Not really my jam anymore. I’m loving this updated navy that’s rich and looks luxurious.

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Fall Oranges

Just take a hint from all the pumpkin spice lattes. Rusty oranges, metallic orange, muted peaches, I’m here for these! I’m definitely on the hunt for a perfect muted rusty orange/red for fall.

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Shades Of Green

A color I somehow forgot about until I was cleaning out my nail polish collection. Rich hunter greens are such an ideal fall shade so why not pop it onto your nails for a mani?

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Fall Nude

I’m not a huge nude polish person. It’s either white or no nude at all. But there’s something about a fall nude that’s less pinky and more beige.

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If you’re looking to try a manicure at home, try these tips here!

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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