Friday Treat: Estella Bartlett Jewellery

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[purchased/affiliate] This brand is a very recent discovery for me – it’s not expensive and has some utterly joyful pieces that (for me, anyway) just fill that need for something pretty without my bank card weeping. I’ve worn my bracelet every day since I’ve had it. I bought the rainbow circle bracelet (in the main picture) a little while ago – its natural resting place is on my right wrist which is where I wear it – and I almost never wear jewellery of any kind on that wrist and I have no idea why – rather than on my left with my other bracelets but the circle feels at home there. I actually made a mistake in buying the rainbow ‘huggie’ ear-rings which are too small for my ears (so I will gift them on) so that’s something to look out for – you either need to wear further up the ear (if you have piercings) or need very skinny lobes. Mine are way to chunky :-). The other thing to know is that while Estella Bartlett jewellery is quite widely available (John Lewis, Liberty etc, as well as their own site) not everything is available everywhere – hence the multiple links. So, I’ve picked out what I think are the best of the bunch but it’s well worth having a browse because there are lots of styles.

Estella Bartlett Jewellery

To be honest, this is probably going to be my next purchase. It’s £24 at John Lewis HERE.


That said, I’m pretty smitten with this one, too. It’s at Liberty for £24 HERE.


This glorious sun burst is at John Lewis for £21 HERE.


This bracelet is very similar to mine but without the little beads and is probably a bit more sturdy. It’s a John Lewis exclusive for £21 HERE. My exact bracelet is £20 HERE.


Finally, to the moon and back! This necklace is at Liberty for £21 HERE. They’re obviously not fine jewellery – most are gold plated though and use cubic zircona as ‘jewels’. Usually, I really have to stick to wearing gold so that my skin doesn’t flare up but I haven’t had any reaction at all to my bracelet which makes me feel more encouraged to try more from this brand.


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