Gray Sweatpants Are Back From the ’90s — Here’s How to Style Them

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Sweatpants season is here, you know, just in case you weren’t already wearing these comfy and cute pants all year long thanks to sheltering in place. And while many colorful options are available now — have you seen the tie-dye ones? — we keep coming back to the classic gray sweatpants that were ever popular in the ’90s. These tried-and-trues have gotten us through Saturday morning cartoons, gym class, late-night college study sessions, and more. Think of them as the LBD of sweatpants — they go with everything!

If you wore gray sweatpants as a kid, then you probably already know how comfortable they are. But influencers, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and everyday people are now discovering that they actually make for pretty cute outfit staples, too. Wear one with a crop top and a jean jacket over it, then add chunky white sneakers (and a mask, of course). Now, you are ready for anything, like going grocery shopping, joining a virtual happy hour, making the next viral TikTok, and more. Find more style ideas and shop some of the best gray sweatpants available now.


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