Here’s the Exact Lush Bath Bomb You Should Be Using, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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We’re all suckers for a nice bath product — especially when said bath product is from Lush Cosmetics. Walking into a Lush store is always a pleasant experience, and it’s enough to make all of your senses go crazy (in a good way) — on top of feeling the urge to purchase every bath bomb in sight. As nice as that would be, trying out every product to find a favorite would take up a lot of your time (not to mention the number it’d do on your water bill), so we figured out a better solution. Enter: your zodiac sign.

Astrology can come in handy for us when it comes to a lot of different decisions, even the less serious ones like finding your signature scent or the perfect bath bomb. Read ahead to find out which Lush bath bomb you should use according to your zodiac sign.


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