Hush Summer Dress

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[affiliate/ad] So you can probably tell I’m all beautied out this week – just occasionally I feel a bit overloaded so I’ve been distracting myself by looking at dresses. I’m going to Paris in a couple of weeks to see Max who I haven’t seen since Christmas (he lives in Sweden with whom we have no air bridge) and just hoping that I don’t have to quarantine. But, if I do, I do – I need to see my child!  August is notoriously hot in Paris so I’ve been looking for a dress to take that I won’t boil in while we walk around and for someone who isn’t particularly a dress fan, it’s been more of a search than I thought. However, I think I’ve found it.

Hush Dress

This is exactly right I think (will wear with my black quilty Fit Flops) and it’s in such a light rayon fabric that it’s as near as I can get to wearing nothing at all while melting by the Louvre. Tiers are a bit of a theme for Hush this year – personally, I’m wary of tiers – it’s just one gathering stitch away from looking like a wedding cake – but this seems to flow nicely without any particular volume. The print is stars on khaki – I’m always drawn to stars and love khaki so, I’m pressing buy and keeping fingers crossed. It seems a bit late in the season to be buying a dress but I suppose there are two months of wearing opportunity left which is fine – and there’s always next year. I am literally talking myself into the purchase by pretending to provide content! Off to purchase …. you can find it HERE (there is another colour – pink dots), non affiliate HERE.


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