I Tried the “Slugging” Trend That’s All Over TikTok — and Got the Dewiest Skin of My Life

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By now, I’m no stranger to all things K-beauty. From “glass” skin to “cream” skin, there is no end to the Korean beauty and skin-care secrets I’m willing to try. So when I read about the moisturizing trend called “slugging,” I had to see what all the excitement was about.

For anyone unfamiliar, slugging is a technique that originated in Korea. Unlike those 10-step K-beauty routines that took the beauty world by storm years ago, slugging only requires one product and one step. Every night, after your skin care, you apply a thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum-based balm all over your face to lock in moisture and seal in your skin-care products. Then, the next morning, you wash it off with your regular cleanser and enjoy your newly hydrated, glowing skin.

As a person with oily skin and occasional breakouts, I was skeptical about slugging at first. But my lightweight moisturizer simply wasn’t cutting it – the colder fall weather was making my skin dry and dull. My skin-care routine is pretty pared down to begin with, so I figured adding one extra step wouldn’t be too much of a challenge. I bought myself some Vaseline, slathered it on, and hoped for the best.

Keep reading to see my results — plus, what a dermatologist has to say about the trend in case you want to try it, too.


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