If You Catch Us Trying to Copy Tracee Ellis Ross’s “Snake Swirl,” Don’t Be Alarmed

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There are two thing we can always count on Tracee Ellis Ross for: an incredible fashion moment, as evidenced by the huge honor she received at the People’s Choice Awards this year, and some natural hair inspiration. The Black-ish star appeared at the award show on Sunday night wearing what she called a “snake swirl” in her hair, and we may or may not be tempted to copy this style for our at-home holiday looks.

Ross pulled back her curls into a sleek braided ponytail that hung past her waist, and at the front of her hair, she left out a chunky bang that she styled into S-shaped finge rwaves. As expected, Ross mentioned that she pulled together her hair for the night using some Pattern Beauty products. She didn’t specify which ones she used exactly, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s likely she used the Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel ($25), the Pattern Beauty Edge Control ($12), and the Edge Tool ($12).

Get a closer look at Ross’s hair ahead.


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