If You Love The Ordinary, Then You’ll Love the Brand Versed Skincare

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There are millions of skin-care companies out there, but very few gather as big of a cult following as brands like The Ordinary, The Inkey List, CeraVe, and Versed. Versed Skincare, for anyone who’s unfamiliar, is a popular nontoxic, cruelty-free, vegan brand that offers a wide selection of products to fit various skin-care needs without breaking the bank.

Thanks to TikTok and the massive community of skin-care enthusiasts on the app bubbling up products to the top of the “For You” page, plenty of beauty buffs have discovered and rediscovered their love for Versed products. From cleansers and serums to face masks and moisturizers, all of the products are under $25 and formulated without over 1,000 potentially controversial ingredients.

With the great formulas and affordable price point combined with the minimalist, Instagrammable packaging, it’s no surprise that Versed is such a big hit. If you’re new to the brand or a seasoned shopper looking for fresh inspo, we rounded up the best Versed Skincare products to shop, ahead.


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