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We always look at models and notice that they have perfect skin, clothing that fits like a glove, and blindingly white teeth but little do we realize how much it took to get like that. Modeling isn’t just glitz and glam like it’s cracked up to be, I can tell you that from some personal experiences. I, myself have appeared in several ads and I even recently signed with a modeling agency in Los Angeles which ended up teaching me a lot of industry secrets. 


 It’s for sure no secret that models have vital skincare routines on top of drinking TONS of water and of course incorporating very healthy eating, but they don’t do this alone. One thing I have learned on my way to becoming a model is learning about the different apps that allow models to receive free goods and services just by posting it on Instagram. Some services they can receive are free facials, work out classes, being styled and even free food services. Now you’re probably thinking you can go and download these apps and receive free goodies as well, but that’s just not how it works. Not just anyone can apply, in order to be accepted you have to have an agent with an official website AND also have a certain number of followers on social media. 

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Step Up Your Social Media

This generation was built on the era of social media and now it has an important impact on most of your jobs when becoming a model or influencer. How much work you receive and if you even qualify for some jobs are affected by the amount of following and engagement you have. The most looked at app is Instagram, so don’t go worrying if you only have 74 friends on Facebook! Most modeling apps require you to have only 2,000 followers, but it is possible to be passed up for a job because someone has a bigger following that you. 

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Modeling Portfolio

   While the amount of followers you have is deemed important there are differences in the industry depending on the coast. In the East and West coast most models get digital pictures professionally taken, however, the way they are taken in both places is what is different. In the East coast models are usually in all black form-fitting clothing to see nice clean body lines, also they usually have very minimal makeup or editing done so the client can envision the model in their clothing, makeup, hairstyles, etc. Then, on the West coast is where they want you to be more expressive. The models when getting their pictures taken here usually are asked to express their style and be colorful to show off their personality, however, they still prefer little to no makeup as well as natural hair. 

Constant Change

The industry is constantly changing and evolving, but there are companies out there who don’t care much about things like followers and flawless skin. When I came across Faviana I loved what their mission was “helping women feel good and celebrate themselves”. This mission is evident with the widespread popularity of the plus-size/curvy divisions in agencies all over. I hope the industry insight I gave you today helps you if either you’re already in the business or want to get yourself into it!

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