Interviewing my Fiancé!! What It’s Like to Take My Photos + Tips for Insta-Husband’s Everywhere

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Doing something a little fun & different day!!! I have decided it’s time to bring my fiancé, mister Zack Dowdy, on the blog to talk a little bit about what it’s like taking my photos as well as a TON of tips for aspiring (or not-so-much) insta husbands everywhere.

BUT FIRST, a little backstory on Zack & I’s photo taking history.

When Zack & I met- he was cute, he was sweet and romantic, he skated (what can I say- I’ve got a type), & he was a creative who took video/photos for a living. As a girl looking for love, I hit the jackpot. As an influencer, I couldn’t wait to see what he did behind the camera. We were quick to realize, skate photography/videography is a whole different ballgame than fashion. His angles for skate weren’t flattering for fashion, but we worked together /practiced/got a routine down/& are still learning every single day what works/what doesn’t.

I have to say, if it wasn’t for Zack’s patience & skills behind the camera, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career. Of course, we bicker about photos, sometimes he’s not in the mood, or I am being bratty because I’m not getting the shot- but we’re a team at the end of the day and his support means the WORLD to me (love you babe).

I wanted him to come and talk a lil’ about taking my photos because I know SO many girls are looking for that support from their men & whether they are too nervous to ask or their s/o isn’t being very nice about taking their photos- I thought this little interview with Zack himself could help you and your beau figure things out…

& just a note: if you see anything written in pink, that’s me stepping into say something, cause I’ve always got something to say…. 🙂 

Q: HI BABE- first & foremost, do you like taking my photos :)? Is it annoying or fun?

I like it! Majority of the time, it’s a lot of fun… I think because I do prefer shooting video over photo, it can be tough occasionally. I just have to change my mindset so that my focus is shooting photos that YOU want verses shooting the video content that I would prefer. When we get the shot, it makes you really happy, so that always feels good.

Q: What would you say to a guy who is dating an influencer but really doesn’t wanna take her photos?

Find a balance & just get used to it. Otherwise, it’s going to drag you both down. Plus, it’s a fairly easy + free way to make your lady happy- it’s all about perspective!! With that said, it should go both ways, learn what works for you both. Don’t just have her show you exactly what to do & parrot it- take notes, learn what she likes, but find your own sweet spot! You’ll have more fun with it.

**haha- love this! Thanks babe! He’s right. You should just deal with it & support your lady. If she’s an influencer, you’re gonna have to take her pic at some point or another!

Q: How did you work to find my angles/get shots I like? 

I move around a lot, that helps find new/good angles. Sometimes we’ll find a cool location, lighting, etc and I’ll start taking photos & show you after 10 photos to make sure you’re feeling the angles. Typically you’ll give me some direction from there, like you want more detail or for me to be further away. After that I’ll have a good idea of the angles you like & want.

**I also show Zack inspo all the time so he knows going into it what kind of angles I like or want to try!

Q: What do I DO that makes taking photos easier on you?

If I’m being honest, the sushi dates after photoshoots are a pretty damn awesome thing you do ;-)! Incentive is always nice, but having a location in mind is really helpful. Having some ideas or even examples of photos you’re trying to get also help me.

**a little bribery never hurt anyone…. 😉 

Q: What photography tips/tricks would you give to girls boyfriends/husbands who want to take photos of them/help them out but don’t know anything about photography?

One word, COMPOSITION! Something forgotten about a lot when we start shooting rapid amounts of photos. Keeping composition in mind has made all this fun for me. I will say, it’s easier for me because at this point I know what your expectations are and what you like vs. don’t like.

There’s no real short answer to this question but my best piece of advice would be to watch some tutorials on YouTube about shooting models, framing & composition (Mango Street rules! Watch this video!). If you go look at Erica’s Instagram, you’ll notice I always try to frame her into something such as leading lines, shapes, lighting, etc.

Q: What is our go to shooting “strategy”- is there a method to our photo taking?

Finding a location that I can shoot more then 1 photo at. Somewhere I can move around a-lot! Like I mentioned, having space to move around makes finding different angles easier. I’ll try to shoot full bodies first, get a few that I know you’ll like, then I’ll move to half body (waist up), & repeat till you have a handful to choose from. I typically try to end with getting some detailed photos (all at the same location) so you have a mixture of photos to use & build a story around.

Q: You always know all my best angles- what do you think is a good “go-to” angle for guys who don’t know what they are doing?

A good go-to angle would be getting a little lower then you (the model) and facing straight on. Having depth is good, so position your model in front of something but make sure there’s enough clearance from that something and your model stands out. Possibly one-knee on the floor shooting straight and making sure the horizon is straight. That’s a pretty standard angle to shoot any portrait, but it’s a good foolproof starting point!

**low to high is always a flattering angle!!

Q: Some girls have told me they feel so uncomfortable taking photos with their boyfriend. I have something to say about this too, but what are your thoughts on this & any tips for making the situation less awk for both parties?

Taking photos is awkward regardless who is behind or in front of the camera. You’re exposing yourself & it can be a very vulnerable thing!  Not saying it’s that black/white…. but for me, as the photographer, making you (even though you’re my soon-to-be wife!) comfortable first is a good way to break that awkwardness. Joke around & take some fun/not so serious photos first. Talk about how the photos look, be open, get relaxed.

I will also say that some couples just shouldn’t take photos together. If it’s creating more problems/awkwardness than enjoyment and productivity, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it? If you can’t make it work, look into hiring a photographer!

**also, music helps! We always bicker when it comes to photos because he knows what he is doing & I am stubborn, but at the end of the day- we do enjoy it!

Q: Lastly- what is your favorite photo you’ve taken of me 🙂 ?

Tough question, we’ve taken millions of photos!! My favorite is a photo I took in Copenhagen at SP34 in our hotel room, you’re in the window reading a magazine. I like those photos, the ones with a candid vibe, but tell a story that I cherish!

** that’s a great photo that I also love!! Zack is right- so hard to choose!!! I couldn’t narrow it down, I loved these (1,2) photos cause the baby blue + sky + composition worked so well and our Miami photos were some of my faves of all time (1,2,3, & of course this series is an all time iconic set)!!!

Zack’s favorite photo is this one (our favorite place in the world, and we will be back in this hotel room in about 8 months getting married!!!)!

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