Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops Review + Application Tips

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23 June


Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops ReviewBeautycounter Lotion • Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops

I’ve tried my fair share of tanning lotions, wipes and even the dreaded spray tan. We all have a desire to get a sunless tan without streaking or smelling like nasty chemicals. And it can be a struggle. But not anymore. I tried these Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops that I picked up at Sephora and have been loving them.

What Are Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

If you’ve never heard of these tanning drops, let me fill you in. Because it’s genius. These tanning drops are just that, drops. There’s a dropper inside that you use to mix the liquid with your favorite moisturizer. IT then turns your go-to moisturizer into a sunless tanning lotion to give you a golden glow.

These self tanning drops come in three options, light, medium and dark. I personally use the dark. If you’re super fair I’d go with the light. And if you’re in the middle and not looking for a super dark glow, go with the medium. The more drops you use the darker you’ll get.

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Why I Love The Tanning Drops

So many reasons why I love this product. First, Isle of Paradise is 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free. If you’re into clean beauty, this brand nails it. These Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops are also suitable for face AND body and are super easy to use.

I also really like that I can use my own lotion. Without using a smelly self-tanning lotion, I can have more control by using my favorite moisturizer instead. This is also ideal when you’re applying it to your face. These tanning drops are easy to build your desired level of glow. Try a few drops and see how you like it. You can always add more. They also don’t smell that bad, unlike other self-tanning products. You know that smell! I find there’s a very faint smell but nothing like what we grew up with in the self-tanning world. And the good news, the smell goes completely away once you shower.

jessica’s tip!

Have a dark streak or a splotch that developed a little TOO much? It happens. A good trick to lightening a dark self-tanning spot is to use nail polish remover (whatever kind of acetone you have) on a cotton pad and just rub it off. You may not get the entire section perfect, but it will for sure lighten it and at least help to blend.

How to use isle of paradise tanning drops for a self tan

How To Use Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Step One

Before you begin, I think it’s important to make sure your skin is exfoliated. That means, take a shower and exfoliate and shave. This will allow for a more even application and development of the tan. I also like to do a limb at a time. Leg, arm then torso. You can apply this to your face as well.

Step Two

Add the amount of lotion you’d like to use for the area you’re about to apply to in the palm of your hand. Then fill the dropper and add your desired number of drops to your lotion. Mix well between your hands.

For each leg, I usually do 3-5 drops. For each arm and torso, 2-3 drops. And for my face just 1-2 drops is fine. For a darker tan, you can go up to 10-12 drops for each leg according to Isle Of Paradise website. I recommend starting with a few drops and see how you like it. You can always do it again for a deeper glow.

Step Three

Apply the lotion evenly onto the area. Again, I like to do each limb separately. Make sure to rub it all in well and be cautious around areas like your ankles, knees and elbows. These areas can streak more easily.

Step Four

WASH YOUR HANDS! It’s super important to wash your hands as soon as your done applying your moisturizer and Isle of Paradise mixture. You don’t want the palm of your hands turning golden and your fingers will also absorb this and look streaky and weird. So give them a good wash!

Step Five

Let the tan develop. This takes just 4-6 hours to develop. Plus, Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops don’t stain your clothes or sheets. So you can confidently apply this before heading out somewhere. I’ve never really ran into any issues with clothing or sheets. If you’re worried, just plan to do this on a lazy afternoon when you can wear looser clothing. But honestly, never had an issue.

Isle Of Paradise Products

The Isle Of Paradise brand goes beyond just the tanning drops. It’s the only product from the line that I’ve tried but I can personally vouch for But I do I love them. They offer other self-tanning options like their tanning water which you just spray on and rub in like water. I might try that next! And if you want to prime and prep your skin for the ultimate tan that lasts longer, try Prep It. And the one product I might add next to my routine is their Disco Instant Tan. This is perfect for that instant glow on your legs for those short shorts and mini skirts for summer. A great way to add some color to your skin instantly that washes right off.

Photos by Hannah Lozano


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