Malin Akerman on the Beauty of Taking a Break During Stay-Home Orders

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The transition of running a mile a minute pre-COVID 19 and then, abruptly, stopping everything has been an adjustment for all of us. There was the initial feeling of freedom where all routines were thrown out the window, followed by the realization about a month or two in that maybe some structure is needed. For Malin Akerman, actor and brand ambassador for CoolSculpting and CoolTone, that meant discovering new ways to take care of herself and embracing self-care.

“[I’ve] been trying out different products that I haven’t really had the time or the energy to take care of myself, as much as I do now,” Akerman told POPSUGAR. “Usually I’m on set for 15 to 18 hours, so the last thing I want to do is go through another regimen. I just try to get home and get to sleep. It’s been nice to fiddle around with different products and try them out.”

That, and keeping up with regular DIY mani/pedis: “I had to keep up on that, especially being in California. We walk around barefoot a lot here,” she said. Ahead, Akerman touches on her biggest beauty transformations — both for the movies she stars in, as well as during her time at home these last few months.


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