My Lashes Are Basically Invisible, but Maybelline’s New $9 Mascara Is Like Extensions in a Tube

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If they gave out awards for best eyelashes, I would get a participation award. Yes, I have eyelashes, but they are not exactly what you would call “visible.” They aren’t long, they aren’t voluminous — they’re definitely what you’d call “barely there.” My eyelashes are short and stubby, they stick out straight, and they don’t hold a curl well. If you’re looking straight at me and I’m mascara-free, you might just assume I don’t have any eyelashes at all.

Over the years, I’ve tried searching for a solution. I’ve tried growth serums, expensive mascaras, affordable mascaras, and even lash extensions (which were traumatizing). Eventually, I gave up on finding the answer, and my quest for better eyelashes took a backseat.

Recently, like a lot of people, I’ve been wearing a face mask that covers the better half of my face. It leaves my eyes and my eyebrows showing, and that’s about it. Currently, I’m in the process of growing out my eyebrows, so it basically looks like two mini Hagrids have taken up residence on either side of my face. Add that to the fact that I have nonexistent eyelashes, and it’s kind of a recipe for disaster.


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