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The latest collection to launch into the Nima brush range, is the absolutely beautiful Artistic collection. This collection comprises of 20 individual brushes, 4 new travel bags and 2 Nima soft tubes. This range of brushes was designed with the professional makeup artist in mind and there is literally a brush to suit every makeup eventuality.

DSC_1430The brushes come with a duck egg blue handle and a rose gold ferrule and they just look absolutely gorgeous on my makeup table. Each brush is called after a lady in Niamh’s life. Niamh Martin, the creator of Nima Brush, gave each brush a name of the most inspirational and supportive woman in her life, with the biggest brush being named after her mammy!! My heart melted when I heard this, and I absolutely love the sentiment behind the names of each brush. Not only that, it makes it easy to remember which ones you like and to recommend brushes, as it is easier to member the name of a brush, than the number of one.

DSC_1422A few weeks ago, I was given a number of brushes and a travel case to test out, but based on using these brushes for a week, I went and both a further 2 brushes at the Pro Beauty show and plan on buying a few more, as this is literally love.

The Andie Brush

andieThis brush is also known as the push blush brush. Try saying that fast! This is a pony haired brush that is used for applying blusher to the cheeks. I love it for applying my blusher, but as it is so dense you need a light hand when applying your blusher, as it disperses a lot of product. It is also great for applying powder to set your foundation. The denseness of the brush is perfect for pushing the powder into the skin. The Andie brush retails at €16 and you can buy it here.

The Grace Brush

GraceThis is the cutest little brush and I have fallen in love with it. I know I say that all the time, but this little beauty has taken my heart.The Grace brush has a multitude of uses. You can apply foundation,powder, blush, or highlighter . I however use it for applying my concealer under my eyes. The Grace brush has taken the place of my much loved Sigma f86. The Grace brush, bounces the concealer in under the eye and the size is perfect for fitting in to all the little hard to reach parts. It doesn’t soak up loads of products and the soft brush hairs are perfect for the delicate under eye area. I have not used another concealer brush since I got this brush almost 3 weeks ago. You can buy it here for €16.

The Wendy Brush

WendyBe still my beating heart. This brush <3 <3 . This is the most beautifully soft brush for contouring. This tapered brush is the perfect size for softly sculpting out your cheek bones. If you are a fan of the straight line type contour, you won’t get it with this brush, but if you like a soft natural contour then this is the brush for you. Not only does it work wonderfully as a contouring brush, but the size is small enough to set the under eye area with powder, or place highlighter to the high points of the face. You can buy this brush here for €16.

The Debs Brush

DebsThis brush is a great dupe for the cult favourite Mac 217. This is a crease blending brush, that is great for applying product to the lid and then blending it it. I find that I prefer a fluffy brush for blending, but use this instead for placing the product, before blending it in with a big fluffy brush like the Nichola brush. You can buy this brush here for €12

The Emma

emmaThis is a brush that I completely looked over when I received it. I thought that I would never use such a small thin flat brush. I was so wrong. This brush is great brush for sculpting out just underneath the brow, applying concealer right up under the lower lash line and also applying highlighter into the inner corner of the eye. I love using this with my NYX Jumbo pencil in milk. I apply a little bit to the brush and sculpt out and highlight under the brow, as well as applying the milk colour to the inner corner of the eye to add loads of brightness. The Emma brush can be bought here and costs €10.

DSC_1414 I also received a Nima Brush Travel case. I had been wanting something like this for a long time, as normally my brushes end up at the bottom of my makeup bag when travelling and get dirty. I can’t wait to go away, just so I can use this, but until then it will be sitting open on my dresser, with some of my brushes inside. You can also buy soft cases on the new Nima Website, if you would prefer something that can squash into your suitcase.

DSC_1406I honestly can’t recommend these brushes enough. The quality is sensational. They hold up to any high end brushes that I have used, but the price point is far more accessible. Not only is the price of an individual brush reasonable enough, but you can buy customisable bundles of brushes. A 15 piece set will cost €134.99, a 12 piece €114.99, 7 piece €74.99, 5 piece €54.99, and you can buy the full collection for €154.99. I have since bought the Nichola and the Tara brush and have my eye on a few more, because if you didn’t already know, I don’t have half enough brushes!


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