Searches For Long Hairstyles For Men Are Up, Just in Case You Want to Copy These Celebs

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According to Pinterest’s Global Beauty Report, searches for “long hairstyles for men” have gone up 25 times in the last few months, meaning that women aren’t the only ones looking for new ways to refresh their look.

Whether that increase in interest is because you’re putting off getting a haircut for as long as possible or embracing a new look altogether, opting for a longer hairstyle makes sense for many different reasons. For one, it requires less upkeep than a shorter style which means fewer trips to the hair salon for touch-ups. It also allows for more styling opportunities when it comes to ways to wear it. (Man-bun, anyone?)

Ahead, using some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood with long, flowing hair as your inspiration, we’re sharing a handful of long hairstyles for men that you can try this season.


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