Sharing Wash Day With My Significant Other is a Vibe — Here’s What We Use

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I’d like to think I’m good with sharing. Since staying home more frequently this year, it’s become an inevitable event that I share beauty products with my partner — to the point where his skin-care routine now has grown exponentially past mine. But there are a few areas he still asks for my help, and that’s with hair care. Before the pandemic, he regularly visited his barber for cuts and shape-ups, and I routinely opted for protective styles, but lockdown has thwarted the meaning of convenience and forced us to seek our own devices when it comes to beauty maintenance. Now, we have to make it work.

After successfully convincing Tariq to grow out his hair, I completely failed at explaining the amount of time and maintenance that comes with the extra length. I watched him fumble through products or grow frustrated with his longer hair. He reminded me of when I started going natural and the huge undertaking I went through testing products to figure out which ones worked for me. Fortunately enough, our hair textures are very similar, so I had to introduce him to wash day.

Being that we spend a lot of time together already, we decided to sync up our wash and trim days. While the process can be tedious with another person, the company has been nice and the products that we’ve discovered work specifically for our hair textures have been worth it. Here’s what wash day for us entails.


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