Styling Tips for Hair Loss During & After Chemo

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Hair loss due to chemo can be a difficult thing to navigate on your own. Luckily, we have some hair styling tips and tricks to help make you feel your very best!  Bradley from Vidov Salon gives some advice on how to approach your journey to recovery when it comes to hair loss and we give a few examples of hair styles that you or a loved one could try out too!

“Figuring out how to cope with your hair during and after treatment can be daunting. Since scalp sensitivity can be a common issue during and after treatment it can be both fashionable and soothing to find a short hair cut during this time. Whether it’s a choppy pixie, faux hawk style, short with a sharp part, or even a comb over style for better coverage, a perfect style can be worked out with a trained stylist. Also recommended would be gentle tools and products such as a soft brush and gentle shampoos to avoid irritation. Hair regrow vitamins and weekly hair loss scalp treatments are available from companies like Rene furterer which can be done both in salon for a relaxing treatment, and at home for ongoing treatment. Patience and a knowledgeable trained hairstylist will be your best friend during this journey to recovery.”

Bradley Moreland from Vidov Salon

Choppy Pixie

Although a pixie hairdo might not have been on your wish list, some women who have been through chemo end up loving this style so much, they decide to keep it. This is a timeless hairstyle that will let your inner beauty shine through.

Faux Hawk

When hair starts growing back in, it will still be patchy and the center may be longer. You can use hair paste to mold the middle into a modified Mohawk. This is a fun way to add a playful touch to short hair. Faux Hawks are incredibly trendy, surprisingly versatile and can easily create a look with plenty of style, texture and dimension for both straight and curly hair types.

Comb Over

As soon as a little bit of hair has grown in, you can begin to “part” it. A part is innately feminine in nature and masks the masculinity of shorter hairstyles. A deep side part will give volume and fullness around the face. You may need to use hair paste to help define where you want the part. This little touch adds a ton of flair to your hair and can also work to cover any thinner areas you may be self conscious about.

Vidov Salon in New York City has experience with styling hair for women who are undergoing treatment. Give them a call at (212) 929-2400 or stop in for more styling tips!



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