The Best Butt Masks to Treat Your Peach (Yes, They’re a Thing)

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There are masks for your face, your undereyes, your hair, your hands, and your feet, so it only makes sense that there are masks for your butt, too. No matter the area you want to treat, I can guarantee the beauty industry has a product for it (although butt masks are as far as I’m willing to go here). From plumping to smoothing to exfoliating, butt masks can offer a variety of skin-care benefits, just like the ones for your face.

Butt masks started as a niche category but came onto the mainstream skin-care scene a few years ago after blowing up on Instagram. Now, you can find them at big-name beauty retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Target. They come in stick, sheet, and paste form so you can make butt masking a part of your weekly self-care routine. Do a treatment in the shower, while watching TV, or whenever else you feel like giving your peach a little TLC.

Even Kesha is obsessed with the product category and likes to get in on the action. “I wanted to give my butt love,” she said in an unboxing video on her YouTube. “My butt deserves love . . . I found these butt masks, and now it’s kind of my thing. I’m like, butt-mask lady.”

Ahead, find the best butt masks on the market to give this often-forgotten area its own little facial.


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