The Best Fragrance-Free Face Wash at Sephora When Your Skin Just Needs a Moment

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Between spending so much time inside and always wearing protective masks outside, if you haven’t had at least one skin flare-up this year, please keep that luck to yourself. However, if you’re like most of us, you’ve noticed either a rise in acne, dryness, or general irritation . . . and have been switching up your routine to balance things back out. With face wash in particular, it’s true that skin can also get triggered by potent formulas it’s not used to, sometimes what is causing the issue isn’t an active ingredient (or something you’re doing), but a hidden fragrance in your products.

For sensitive skin types, artificial fragrances (and colors and preservatives) can be especially irritating. That’s why you might consider looking for gentle, fragrance-free options (which, to be clear, is different from unscented) to help press reset. Since we’re all in this together, we picked out the best fragrance-free face cleansers at Sephora to help you get started. Each one skips the synthetic fragrance entirely so, if you smell anything, it’s coming from natural ingredients (like essential oils and plant extracts) also found — and working — inside.

Check out our favorite fragrance-free face wash ahead, which, even without a noticeable aroma, are all still pretty sweet.


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