The Best Holiday Makeup Looks You Can Wear With a Face Mask This Year

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Just because you’ll be wearing a face mask this holiday season, doesn’t mean you should let it stifle your creativity or stop you from going all out with your holiday beauty look. Makeup for the upcoming winter holidays, from Thanksgiving through until New Years, will focus on the eyes — just like it did for Halloween. If you want to look on the bright-side, you don’t have to worry about reapplying your lipstick all night, and instead of just matching your makeup to your outfit, you get to match it to your mask, too.

Instagram is a goldmine for glamorous holiday makeup looks. Be it an intimate family dinner or Zoom New Year’s Eve party that you’re looking to get glammed up for, you should have no trouble finding inspiration. We encourage you to go big — breakout the false eyelashes, commit to a full eyeshadow look, add rhinestones as a finishing touch. When you’re finished and the compliments come rolling in, you’ll forget about the face mask you’re wearing altogether.

To get you started, we rounded our favorite eye-focused holiday makeup looks you can wear with a face mask below.


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