The Best Personalized Beauty Gifts to Show Your Loved Ones Just How Well You Know Them

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It’s not hard to find a variety of great, curated beauty gift sets to give your family and friends for the holidays, but there’s something special about putting together a personalized gift. Be it a monogrammed makeup bag, an engraved perfume bottle, or a set of products that you hand-selected based on their personal preferences, putting a little extra thought into a present can make all the difference.

Luckily, plenty of beauty brands make it easy to build your own personalized gift by adding engraving options to cult-favorite products. To take it a step further and get even more individualize, some brands allow you to build products from scratch based on skin-care needs and preferences.

Ahead, we rounded up the best customizable beauty gifts across the skin, makeup, and body-care categories for you to shop this holiday season.


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