The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

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6 August


Spanx shapewear and lace bra, what to wear under summer dressesJessica wears shapewear in her bedroom

The other day I went to put on a cotton body-hugging midi dress to run some errands in. I put on my usual Aerie underwear and as I was about to head out of the house, realized there were SERIOUS panty lines. Fun fact, I love a good pair of granny panties. No shame. And I usually don’t give a shit about panty lines. But this was too obvious. I didn’t want to put on my serious SPANX since I only wear those for special occasions. So Instead I threw on my SPANX Thinstincts. They’re slightly smoothing, super comfortable and aren’t constricting like classic SPANX shapewear. I call them my lazy SPANX.

These SPANX I could actually take a nap in they’re that comfortable. But at over $50 a pair, I wanted to find more options that were affordable. And also ones that weren’t mid-thigh. With so many mini dresses and short skirts for summer, it’s nice to have something underneath your outfit to make you feel comfortable and somewhat covered. I decided to dive headfirst into some hard-hitting journalism and research nearly a dozen options.

The requirements to make the cut for this post included a few things. First and foremost, they had to be comfortable. This isn’t a post on the best slimming shapewear. Approved pieces also had to not roll up, or down, on you. There’s nothing worse than going from sitting to standing and still having to adjust your SPANX. I also wanted a range of price points. From $12 to $58, I’m covering all the best options for every price point.

Spanx Thinstincts ReviewAssets By SPANX Thintuition Shaping Mid-Thigh Short review BEST VALUE

Assets By SPANX Thintuition Shaping Mid-Thigh Short

I feel like this is basically my SPANX Thinstincts 1.0 but half the price from Target. I took a medium, but the small would’ve fit just fine. However, I think a small would’ve made it feel more like sculpting shapewear. They’re slightly smoothing so they’re perfect for wearing under more body-hugging dresses. Also, super comfortable. I found these did not roll up or down while moving around.

$28 // Shop Now →

Spanx Thinstincts 1.0 review

Spanx Thinstincts 1.0

The pair that sparked this blog post. I call these my lazy SPANX because they definitely aren’t sucking you in all over. However, they do smooth you out allowing you to wear more fitted pieces, or slinky pieces if you need to. They don’t roll much either. I have a few issues with them since they have a sticky edge on the thigh to keep them in place. I find that actually causes them to roll. These are insanely comfortable though and I could take a nap in them.

On Sale For $28.90 For A Limited Time // Shop Now →

Spanx Thinstincts 2.0 review

Spanx Thinstincts 2.0

These are definitely a little more shaping and smoothing than the Thinstincts 1.0. These are the ones I’m wearing in the above photos. I did a medium in them and found that the waist was a tad gaping on me (only in the black but the nude were fine so may just be a random issue). But a small would’ve been way too tight for what I’m going for. These do not roll at all. I think these are great if you just want to invest in one pair of universal shapewear. They could honestly be decent enough for true shapewear, and also good as a comfortable pair under casual dresses to have coverage. I totally see why they’re the 2.0 version. They’re a total upgrade to 1.0.

$52 // Shop Now →

Jockey Skimmie Short reviews TOP RATED

Jockey Skimmie Short

This was the most recommended pair from readers. I had heard about these skimmies from everyone and their mom it seemed. Here’s the thing about these. They are not shapewear at all. they’re basically shorts underwear in shapewear-like fabric. They’re something to wear under dresses and skirts so you feel covered. No need to worry about flashing someone if you’re wearing these.

Jockey Skimmies don’t do any smoothing so I would only recommend wearing under looser fitting pieces. I would not wear these with anything body hugging as they would 100% show lines (at least on me they did). At $12, they’re great for having a few on hand to wear under pieces for more confidence. I personally took a medium solely for fitting my thighs.

$16 // SHOP NOW →

Jockey Cooling Mid-Thigh Short

Jockey Cooling Mid-Thigh Short

I also tried a few other of Jockey’s options and was intriguied by these “cooling” claims. They really are cooling believe it or not! They offered slight smoothing and were very very comfortable. These hit mid-thigh so if you’re torn between SPANX or these, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, they come in 4 colorways and are super affordable.

2 for $32 // Shop Now →

My Favorite Summer Bras

I also can’t finish this post without mentioning a few of my favorite bras to wear in the summer. With the heat, I tend to like swapping my usual lined bras for something more breathable. From v-neck bralettes that allow you to wear low cut tops and dresses, to just easy comfortable bras that let the girls breathe a litlte more, these are my go to summer bras that aren’t underwire.

Photos by Hannah Lozano


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