The No-Fail Guide to Which Tattoo You Should Get, Based on Your Personality

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“What tattoo should I get?” ranks squarely beside “Should I get bangs?” on the list of all-consuming questions everybody has asked themselves at least thrice in their lifetime, the inconvenient disparity being that the former comes with something like 21,839 more multiple-choice options. In truth (and morbid anatomy trivia), you could ink every inch of skin on your body — of which the average human has approximately 22-square feet — with something new, and there would still be a realm of possibilities left to choose from.

How are you to decide, then, between a quote, roman numeral, or portrait tattoo? Between out-there designs and subtle white ink? Something big or something small? Consider this: let your individual personality type determine your next tattoo. The decision is infinitely more permanent than finding the ENFP to your INFJ or whether to pursue culinary school over business, and so what better indicator to consider beforehand than what makes you, well, you?

If this sounds complicated, we’re here to make it easy. Whether it’s your first or 10th (or something in between), we’ve laid out the exact tattoo you should get based on your personality type. Let us know where you land with the whole bangs thing.


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