The Start of a Long, (hopefully) Hot Summer in Ibiza

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I love travelling further afield from my London-base. The white-washed atolls of the Maldives; the vast bushland of East Africa; the vibrancy and colours of Rajasthan, and of course the neck-straining tall palms and golden light of southern California, all some of my favourite places in the world and all hold that can’t-find-anywhere-else magic. But I’ve come to realise, when it comes to that easy-breezy, sand between your toes summer feeling, it really is hard to beat Europe, namely one of my favourite islands just about anywhere, Ibiza. To me, it isn’t really summer until I’ve been back to this Balearic slice of heaven. The endless beaches, each with their own identity, the easy-going bohemia that runs through the veins of the whole island and the pure escapism so much of Ibiza offers, whether you’re there to see DJs, get into a downward dog or both, I feel like Ibiza has something for everyone. So when one of my favourite holiday brands Faithfull the Brand invited me to join them in Ibiza a few weeks ago, summer suddenly felt like it was truly in sight. I’ve been working with Bali-based brand Faithfull the Brand since the beginning, both there’s and mine, so getting the chance to finally hang out with the Faithfull gang in one of my favourite places no less was a bit of a dream come true. Four days at the linen-strewn, impeccably chic La Granja hotel that I’ve heard so much about was the cherry on a rather jammy cake.

Situated a few miles from Santa Gertrudis (my favourite town in Ibiza), La Granja revolves around a farm-to-table philosophy with the vast majority of fruit and vegetables served grown right there on sight. In true languid Ibizan style, breakfast, lunch and dinner are relaxed, drawn-out affairs (this might have had something to do with the amount we all talked) and I quickly started to dream of breakfast, particularly the vegan homemade nutella and freshly squeezed juices, while still full from dinner. My room was enormous, could be a London flat enormous, filled with grey linen sofas, a roll-top bath in the middle of the room, locally-produced wooden furniture and a sun-drenched outdoor shower and roof terrace to boot. One thing I will say in my room was verging on pitch black even in the middle of the day as the traditional small Finca windows are designed to keep the place cool rather than bathe the place in light so be prepared to test your night vision skills or better yet, bring a head torch! One of the best evenings we had while in Ibiza was feasting on tapas by the pool with a fire pit crackling away next to us, followed by watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona at La Granja’s open-air cinema.

From boat drips to the neighbouring island of Formentera, to the most beautiful beach picnic on the stunning Cala Salada, our days in Ibiza with Faithfull were endlessly filled with memorable moments and experiences I won’t forget. We were there to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new collection Le Jardin and the pieces were exactly what I wanted to wear to kick off the summer season. Smocked floral dresses, a punchy yellow jumpsuit, Zebra-print and lime green gingham everything felt just right for Ibiza’s upbeat but low-key personality. I’ve written about all my favourite places, experiences and general Ibiza favourites for Wardrobe Icons this month so won’t repeat everything here, just click the link here to read all my travel tips.

Just looking back through these shots makes me feel warm inside and out; I can almost feel the sun on my shoulders and taste that watermelon ever so slightly salted from the waves. What a way to kick off the long, hot European summer we have ahead of us. Massive thank you to Faithfull the Brand for taking me back to my favourite place and making me smile from start to finish while at it.


This post is in no-way sponsored or required by Faithfull the Brand 

All clothing and swimwear is Faithfull the Brand
Gold necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Beaded jewellery | Anni Lui
Leopard hat | Ganni X Matches
Bandana Sandals | Arizona Love 
Orange sunnies | Gucci
Metal sunnies | Le Specs
Straw hat | Vintage

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