These Are the 14 Best Fragrance Gifts to Buy This Year

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Perhaps they love harnessing confidence through what they wear. Maybe they like evoking a reaction in others. Or maybe they can’t resist a good vanity situation. If any or all of these ring true for your loved one, a fragrance is the ultimate gift for them this holiday season. Perfumes are highly intimate and can be intimidating to purchase, but when you land on the right one, the payoff is enormous. It’s something they’ll wear every day, and each whiff will bring back the memory of the time you presented it to them.

Whether you’re planning to let the notes lead the way or want to lean into more of a general vibe rather than a specific scent, we’ve got plenty of perfume gift options for you ahead. These are thoughtful and personal and will help them feel (and smell) like their best self for years to come.


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