These Beauty Care Package Ideas Will Help You Feel Close to Friends, Even From Afar

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This holiday season, many of us won’t be seeing our family and friends in person to exchange gifts due to the coronavirus pandemic, but rather than letting the virus squash the festive spirit, there’s plenty of room to get creative with ways to spread joy from far away. Not only will sending a beauty care package to your friends put a smile on their faces, but it can be fun for you to put together, too.

The best part about sending a handmade care package is that it shows the recipient just how well you know them. For the friend who never misses their skin-care routine, get them a refill on a few of their favorite products. For the person who wouldn’t be caught without a fresh manicure on, snag them the trendiest new colors from their go-to nail polish brand. For the designated hairstylist of your group, new hair accessories will make their day.

The key to putting together an impressive and thoughtful beauty care package is including items that A) you know they’ll use and B) reflect their personality and interests. You can make the items inside the box as affordable and budget-friendly or extravagant as you’d like.

Ahead, find beauty care package gift ideas for every type of beauty person in your life that you can customize and personalize this holiday season.


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