This Old Navy Fleece Hoodie Is Perfect For Fall — Ahem, It’s on Sale, Too!

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I see cozy fleece jackets everywhere I look. On some of my favorite fashionable influencers, on celebrities, and definitely all over my neighborhood. They’re great to wear during transitional seasons because the weather can fluctuate so much on any given day. I’ve been looking for the perfect fleece jacket that I can wear open when it’s warm, and completely shut when it’s breezy out, and I have definitely found it.

To be fair, it’s more of a hoodie than a jacket that fully unzips, but nonetheless, I’m here to share the news about the Cozy Teddy Sherpa Half-Zip Tunic Hoodie ($40, originally $45). It has a built-in scuba hood that looks extra cozy, and my favorite detail is the massive kangaroo pocket. It also has a hi-lo shirttail hem that makes me want to wear it with printed leggings and jeans. It’s so much sharper than tossing on a sweatshirt, and considerably warmer than a lightweight jacket. If you haven’t yet found that perfect fall hoodie, this is it.


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