Volition Orangesicle Balancing Daily Cleanser

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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This brand keeps popping up on my radar for its innovative approach to creating products so I’m pleased to have a sample to put to the test. If you have an idea for a beauty product (and who doesn’t?), you can submit it to the Volition team who, if they like the idea, will work with you to develop a prototype. After that’s done, community voting decides whether it’s a product they’d like to buy and use and if so, voila – your idea is brought to life. They have a fast turn-around for idea-to-reality – about 3 weeks – and won’t use ingredients such as sulfates, phthalates or parabens.

Volition Orangesicle Daily Cleanser

The original idea generator, by the way, takes a share in the sales (unspecified) which follows the democratic approach perfectly so if you feel you have a product brewing, it’s even more incentive to submit your concept. What’s the thing you can’t find but really want? There’s always something that could be bettered by a tweak here or there. So, to the Orangesicle Cleanser – actually very nice. It’s got a bit of all the things you’d want to find if you follow beauty trends – prebiotics to tend to the microbiome, antioxidants to beat pollution and aloe for soothing and hydrating. As the name would suggest, it contains orange peel oil to give it a light fragrance, and the format is gel with a light foam.

Volition Orangesicle Daily Cleanser

When you apply the clear, pastel orange tinted gel to your face, as soon as you start moving it around, a light foam appears and there’s something about the visual cue of the white foam that makes you use it more efficiently and for a bit longer than you might otherwise. The rinse with a warm flannel leaves skin feeling both soft and thoroughly clean without a shred of stripping. Even though it’s billed as purifying, which I identify as for oily skin, it’s fine for all skin types, including dry.

It’s launching onto Cult Beauty any day now but in the meantime, I am hearing great things about Strawberry C Brightening Serum (£36) and Snow Mushroom Water Serum (£52), both HERE. I definitely want to see more from this brand although I think I’d like to see more exciting packaging that reflects the innovative nature of the brand better. If you have a big idea, you can submit it HERE.





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